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Meet SHERPA-K: purveyors of art folk with a knowing twink...


Boasting a musical arsenal from saxophone and flute to piano and double-bass, the five Sherpas are on a mission to confuse, charm and promote universal joy.  

SHERPA-K: Live at Social Refuge; Friday 31 May 2024

We’re thrilled to be making our second visit to Europe’s biggest LGBT+ bookshop!  

Please feel free to record and take pictures during this evening’s performance! We need footage to share with potential venues, and so it’d actually be doing us a favour. If you do manage to capture some nice bits (and no pressure – it is Friday after all), it’d be great if you could share them with us:


Instagram: @Sherpa_K.Official

Speaking of potential venues… SHERPA-K is for hire! If you’re in need of a queer five piece multi-instrumentalist art-folk combo, get in touch! 


The Five Sherpas:


Joshua Dawson                     

Jez Dolan                               

Dr. David Martin                     

Joshua Val Martin                  

Adam Summers                      






You can also see us performing on the streets of Manchester, as part of The Manchester Jazz Festival’s opening weekend piano trail walking tour.  18 & 19 May. See for all the info.

Oh, and yes – those THE MANCUNIAN GAY t-shirts are for sale…

Huge thanks to everyone whose coming and to Social Refuge for having us. @QueerLitUK.   We hope you can join us for a sherry or two upstairs after the performance. 

All photo credits Lee Baxter

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