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Photo: Lee Baxter

Double-Ender - who owns history?  Who gets to share it?

Double-Ender was a research and development project funded by Arts Council England and Superbia.  It consisted of two monologues: in Act One Joshua Val Martin performed his new play Tell Me If I Talk Too Fast – a autobiographical review of his life as a free tour guide in Manchester and a reflection of living in a rapidly changing city and how this affected him personally; in Act Two Jez Dolan and Tom Guest delivered Bona to Vada Your Dolly Old Eke! an examination of Polari and a reflection on queer history.


Both pieces had a playing time of one hour and were performed on a minimal set consisting of a slide projector and stand, a small screen, three borrowed chairs (Act One) and a keyboard (Act Two) set within a black box. The show was directed by Josh Coates with lighting design by David Martin. 

The show opened at The Edge Theatre and Arts Centre on 16 October 2021 and toured to Bury Met and Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

Double-Ender was reviewed by CultureCatch who wrote:

"[Joshua Val Martin's] tales are both small and tall, but very funny as he presents the audience with a series of verbal postcards and polaroids... Wry, enjoyable and laced with pathos, it is a wonderful first half of an unusual but inspired evening.

“Hugely informative and bitingly funny his observations never labour their point, nor does it fall foul of being overtly political.  Dolan resembles a rather naughty teacher, the kind we all remember with affection because their classes were something to look forward to.

“Both monologues have an ability to transcend their locality being sourced in the universality of human nature.  The audience wandered out with a smile on their faces and a fair few reflections to consider.  A wonderful evening of informative fun, simple, affecting and enriching.”

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Photos: David Martin

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