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Digital Walking Tour of Manchester

Made in association with Free Manchester Walking Tours

The tour is triggered by GPS.  For the best result use your phone follow the link whilst you are at the first location at the New Union end of Canal Street.   When the page is active on your phone, playback of each element of the tour will automatically trigger when you are at the right location!

Digital Walking Tour

m50689 copy.jpg

Photo: Archives+

Take a walking tour of central Manchester that highlights LGBTQ+ landmarks and history!   

In May 2023 IAP:MCR commissioned Joshua Val Martin of Free Manchester Walking Tours to produce a digital walking tour highlighting LGBTQ+ history of central Manchester.  Joshua researched and scripted the digital tour and included testimony from the oral histories collated by Legacy of '67 and previous projects made by IAP:MCR.  The digital upload was facilitated by Archives + at Manchester Central Library and joins other digital walking tours of the city.

To go on the tour you can also click on this image.

Narrated by Louise Walwein

Text by Joshua Val Martin

Sound Design by Daniel Steele

Produced by David Martin

Digital Upload by David Govier

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